Mission: Unstoppable. The tactics of espionage

The scene will be set as an Agent Training Camp. The session will start with an Agent arriving in dramatic Mission: Impossible style. He opens a small metal briefcase, removes a disc and inserts it into a laptop. A video plays. It is the “Mission Brief” from his Controller. This will outline the mission scope: to get the agents ready for the “mission of their lives” and, of course, with a bang and cloud of smoke the disc self destructs. Theming: The venue could be made to look like a military bunker or secret government facility.

Team-building: Each team will be given a mission: a series of clues and tasks that will take them around the area.

Add on: Dinner Entertainment Option: Bond Show - Licensed to Thrill

Bring It On: Kiwis Facing the Challenge

Large posters of world-beating Kiwis line the room. Underneath each face is a short, inspiring bio of each Kiwi hero describing their greatest moment. An intro video will set the scene. This will intercut images of the famous Kiwis with staff from your organization at work and play backed by a rousing Kiwi classic piece of music.

Team-building: Each team is given a video camera and told they must come up with a 2 minute video. They will be given a genre, i.e Romance, Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, etc and a prop they must include. Obviously, this will be a fun event but to pull it off the teams will have to work well together.

Add on: The finished “masterpieces” can be shown and judged during pre lunch / dinner drinks.

It’s Showtime

This theme will liken the ups and downs of projects and the process of preparing and putting on a show. This will highlight the star performances while emphasizing that the show only succeeds if everyone is working together. It also contains within it, the compelling maxim: the show must go on. Opening video: To the famous song, “there’s no business like show business” we can intercut shots of famous stars and performances with staff performing at work and for us, i.e, chorus line dancing.

Team-building: Each team, of no more than 10, is given a performing arts expert as their coach. They will come from a wide range or performing, eg, singer/dancers, Taiko drummers, magicians, TheatreSports experts, etc. Each team, under the guidance of the expert has 3 hours to develop and rehearse their skill and get it to performance level.

Add on: Dinner Entertainment: The teams will provide the entertainment for the night by performing their prepared pieces. As a bonus we will ask the performing arts tutors to also perform.

The Apprentice

The group is met by an actor playing someone who very closely resembles “The Donald”. They are split into teams and given a simple task: over the next 2 hours they must raise as much money as they can. Each team is given different criteria for their challenge, i.e busking, an item they can auction, etc. The teams must use all their resources but none of their own money to win. All monies will be donated to a charity of choice. A video crew will follow the action and cut together a show that can be watched by all later in the conference or at the next event.