Southwards to Murder

Detective Buck Crankshaft Jr invites you to explore the incredible collection of cars on display, one of which hides a clue!

Into your journey a ghostly scream rings out. Is it possible? Surely it’s not Riccardo de la Zoom, killed in a fiery crash at the Southwards speed test track in 1929!

Let’s go back in time with a Top Speed radiobroadcast and solve the mystery of who murdered the philandering Riaccardo in his attempt to break the production car world speed record.

This is truly an interactive party with each table nominating a suspect to play out motives and clues. Could it be Sue Barroo, Hammond Ecks, Arial Shot, Dee Cup, Joyride, Kitt Carr or the Slug? You must solve the murder!

And with the murder scene played out amongst one of the world’s best car collections accompanied by canapés and champagne cocktails and followed by a sumptuous 1920’s banquet – you can’t help but have a high revving event!

Solve the Murder.
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