This will self destruct in 30 seconds…

Well not really, rather than destruction, Loaded Gunn is all about creation and our mission is to create a party for you that Lives to be Remembered.

We are taking spies, sophistication, secret identities, spacious venues, silhouetted dancing girls and of course martinis – shaken, not stirred!

Excitement starts with emailable spy teasers followed up by ‘For Your Eyes Only’ invites, which give each person a unique codename and identity.

On the night, they’ll be greeted by Ms Money Penny with apple martinis and special mission packs. Spies must first find their comrade to crack a code but all they will have is their codename.

James Bond makes his entrance and challenges spies to complete their missions with him. They’ll be quizzed by Q trivia, put through bond girl and bad guy auditions and finish of with an action scene.

Cast as French, British, American, Russian and Japanese nationalities, spies will all vie against each other …

The Mission – to seduce Bond to defect to their side!

Like all good spies we would love to rendezvous and discuss top secret details like venues with va va voom, catering and of course martinis.

Get your ‘License to Thrill’
Call: 0800 171 007